10 Summer Bucket List Ideas


listpiration summer  bucket listHappy first day of summer! With the new season officially underway, you may be wondering what exciting things to see, learn, and experience over these next few warmer months. Grab your bucket list, scope out some of the suggestions below, slap on some sunblock, throw on your shades, pack your bags, prepare for a possible adrenaline rush or two, and get your summer started on an adventurous note!

DROP IN ON A CLASS: Have you always wanted to learn something new? Life gets busy all year ’round, however, summer seems to provide some extra time. Here are some classes that you can join to learn a sport, skill, and acquire a new hobby.

  • 1.) Learn to surf The weather is heating up. What better way to cool down and have some fun while learning to ride the waves. No waves where you live? Make your own! If you live by a lake, wake-boarding and wake-surfing are also great alternatives.
  • 2.) Take a mixology class – take a class become a cocktail mixing wiz! Bring your new found skills to a summer BBQ and share your concoctions with friends.
  • 3.) Sail Away – No better time of the year to be out on the water. Find a local marina and check out sailing classes that are available. Join a group or bring a date as you enjoy the wind in your hair as you learn to hoist the sail!
  • 4.) Learn to paint- Feeling creative and need an outlet? Join an art class such as pottery making, painting, sculpting, or drawing. The mediums are endless. If you want to add a little kick to it, grab a seat at a Wine and Canvas-like event in your city.

VISIT SOMEPLACE NEW: Work hard? Rarely have time to unwind? Take some of that well earned vacation time and visit some place new. Spend some time unwinding in the wilderness, on the road with a companion, jet-setting across the world, frolicking around a new city, or laying low on a tropical beach.

  • 5.) Visit a new city, state, or country –Depending on how much time you have and your budget, take a day trip to a new city or go the distance to a new state or country.
  • 6.) Camp at a National Park Unplug from the technology filled world and enjoy the wilderness. Pack your car with a tent or hit the road in an RV to explore some of the incredible National Parks the United States has to offer.
  • 7.) Hike up a new trail or peak – Whether you are a novice or a veteran hiker, discover a new trail that meets your interest and skill level. Spend a day (or several) being active, exploring nature, and achieving goals to reach a destination on your hike. Whether it’s a mile-marker, swimming hole, or peak, you can do it!

HAVE A NEW EXPERIENCE: In need of a thrill? Add at least one item to your bucket list this summer that’ll get your heart racing and your face smiling. Try something new and adventurous that might just be the highlight of your summer!

  • 8.) Take a zip-lining tour –and zoom over a city park, beach boardwalk, or through a jungle canopy. If you want can’t quite make it to a forest, there are plenty of zip-lining opportunities in cities such as San Francisco, or even near the sand in Venice Beach. Check your area & grab hold for an unforgettable ride.
  • 9.) Go on a hot air balloon – Reach a new high and take a ride on a floating hot air balloon. Due to air pressure and temperature, they usually take off early in the morning. Start your day off unlike any other as you watch the sun come up and enjoy the scenery below and around you. For an extra bit of fun, pack a picnic basket to enjoy once you land!
  • 10.) Get your JetLev on Popping up in many beach fronts and lakes, JetLev is the newest craze in water-sports. Strap in to to the water jetpack and let the fun begin!

May you all have a fun, safe, and adventure-rich summer ahead!

Have you done any of these activities before? What was your experience like? If not, which would you like to do?


  1. Happy first day of summer!!! ☀️

  2. All great ideas Akvile!! Learning to surf one of these days is definitely on my list!

  3. I’ve been zip lining a few times, but love the idea of zip lining around a city!

  4. I dropped by a “Drink and Draw”
    Class in Brooklyn. One of my new favorite activities.

  5. All awesome ideas Akvile! 🙂 Wish we lived closer so we could do some of them together!! Hope you’re having an awesome summer.

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