Akvile HarlowWHO AM I?

Hi! I’m Akvile Harlow. A seasoned online marketing go-getter by day, an adventure passionista by mornings, nights, and weekends. When I’m not plugged in, I’m just a simple, multi-lingual, jet-setting type of gal who has a deep appreciation for good music, art, food, people, technology, and life experiences.


Listpiration is (hopefully to its readers) an inspirational bucket list blog that depicts my life adventures. By documenting bucket list experiences and providing deals to others, I hope to inspire my readers to experience the world. You know all of those things you’ve always wanted to do? Go do them.


I’ve been yearning to create a website for quite some time, however, I just couldn’t quite narrow down a focal point until having that “AHA!” light bulb appearing moment in 2012. I had always been one with insatiable wanderlust and a jam packed calendar filled with activities, but somehow, I neglected out of the ordinary day to day things that resided on my bucket list which I created when I was a teenager.

After going through a gauntlet of life altering changes in my home life and experiencing a medical scare, I took some time to reflect on what I wanted to accomplish in my life going forward. So… I dug that list back up, added more to it, and began putting a dent in it. I needed to find my smile again after its hiatus and I’m pleased to report that it’s making a come back! In the past, there were so many moments during thoughts and conversations that I said to myself, “I’d love to do that”, but didn’t. It’s now time. We really have no idea how long we’ll be on this planet, so why not seize every opportunity possible to do something memorable that makes you happy? Whether you are swamped with school, work, or just life in general, set aside time to do something that you’ve always wanted to do. At least one per month!


Here, you will find an array of bucket list items ranging from adrenaline packed adventures to smile inducing oddities. As an on going life list, I plan to keep adding to it in order to feed my adventure hungry self and hopefully inspire others along the way. Be sure to check out the deals section for opportunities to do bucket list-like activities on a budget. Try as much as possible in a lifetime, at least once. And why have a deadline? Always have something to look forward to.

I am extremely grateful that my family and friends inspired me to create Listpiration. After sharing photos and experiences of items I’ve crossed off the list, it was amazing to hear feedback and that I had provided inspiration to others. Nothing makes me happier than bringing a smile to someones face. Inspire and be inspired; that’s a motto that I can get behind.

Listpiration is not only a place for me to share my experiences and adventures, it’s also a place where I hope you can find ideas, share your own bucket list wishes and stories, get honest reviews, advice, deals, and ultimately, it’s a place where we can grow the bucket list community together. Whether you want to try something once, alone, with friends, on a date, or to discover a new hobby, I hope you can find it here. The world is yours, take a bite out of it!


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