Bucket List Adventures in Banff National Park


Banff National Park There are many stunning natural wonders around the globe and although I haven’t seen them all, the one’s I have been grateful to see are nothing near quite as magical as Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Want to see for yourself? Read on for a list of places to see and explore during your visit.

While I could write all about my amazement with this park, I think the photos can speak louder than any words I can muster out. If you only have one day to spend, bring your camera, gear up for hiking, and get started on a remarkable bucket list worthy adventure:

Mount Rundle

Natural Bridge:
If it’s your first time in the area, start it off right! Drive through Banff and enjoy the towering sights of stunning peaks such as the Three Sisters, Rundle, Castle, Cascade, Temple, and so many more. You’ll notice on the way to this first stop that you have driven through and out of Banff and crossed right over into British Columbia to the neighboring Yoho National Park. Enjoy the power of the scenic Natural Bridge!
natural bridge

Natural Bridge Water

Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake:
This second stop may just be the most stunning of them all. Trust me, just keep driving, it’s beyond worth seeing with your very own eyes, as here the turquoise beauty lies.

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing, or romantic getaway, rent a cabin for a day or several, canoe around the lake, go hiking on one of many trails, and I can only imagine what the night sky looks like here. Emerald Lake is a bit off the beaten path and there were maybe 20-30 people around the lake at most. You can see the bottom of the lake, and yes, the water is that bright shade of blue-green. These photos are un-edited because this is Mother Nature at her finest and she definitely doesn’t need any alterations.

Emerald Lake Yoho National Park

Emerald Lake
“If I were to personify my exterior peace, this is what it would look like.” – Eva

Emerald Lake Canoe



Lake Louise
It may be difficult to part ways with Emerald, but Louise is a must! Located back in Banff, this glacier decorated mountain nook is a park staple. While it may seem quiet and remote, it’s quite the contrary as it’s bustling with people. While it’s a popular tourist destination in Banff, don’t let that deter you. Stop by for a quick peek to see what everyone is admiring.

Lake Louise



Moraine Lake:
Next up, pop by Moraine Lake for some great hiking and admire the frozen upward growing icicle wonderland. If you are interested in taking break, stop by the Moraine Lake Lodge for food, beverages, and a spectacular view!

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake 2


Johnston Canyons:
Want more? Cap off your day with a hike through and around waterfalls, rivers, rapids, caves, trees, and so much more.
Johnston Canyon Cave



If you do go hiking, talk to a park ranger first about the wildlife. This is bear country and some areas of the park are heavily populated with Grizzly Bears. While a rare and beautiful sighting, they can be dangerous. We were incredibly lucky to see one Grizzly and two black bears from the road but kept our distance and had a highway fence between us and the bears in this area. Some areas of the park require you to hike with a minimum of 6 people so please be informed before hitting the trails.

Grizzly Bear Banff

I look forward to returning again soon to see and experience more of Banff!
Have you been before? What are some of your favorite trails and places within the park?

A huge thank you to my cousin Eva and her partner in awesomeness, Jeff for showing me around their backyard. Alberta truly is a beauty. I had such a blast with you both and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about the park and some of your favorite places with me. I had an incredibly memorable time hiking, canoeing, and driving around the mountains with you both. You have given me one of the ten best days of my life thus far, for which, I cannot thank you enough for. Until next time!

Johnston Canyons


  1. Akvile,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. As I’d mentioned on FB, Banff is on my bucket list and it got there with me not even knowing about most of these magical spots (gems?) – so now it’s even more enticing! Especially Emerald lake!

    • Thank you so much for reading, Alan! I’m very happy to hear you share a desire to see Banff some day and that my post made it even more enticing than it already was. I hope you get a chance to go up there soon and experience it all!

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