A Dirty Thirty Mud Bath Birthday


Mud Bath Bucket ListChecked off the list: February 1, 2014

There really is no better way to start a fresh new month and celebrate a friends thirtieth birthday than by packing a few bags, grabbing your girlfriends, and hitting the road to a hot springs spa to help celebrate your friends special day in the dirtiest possible way…mud baths! If you haven’t experienced a mud bath before, it’s a must! Not only is it a relaxing, refreshing, and an extremely enjoyable experience, it also comes with a large variety of health benefits. It’s fun and good for you? Sign me up!

First of all, let me start by wishing my good friend Courtney a stellar year ahead! She’s quite the adventurous gal herself and a seasoned mud bather. Thank you for sharing this experience with Jen, Michelle, and I and for also helping me put a dent in my bucket list. May you have the best year you’ve had yet and hope it’s filled with plenty of exciting new experiences, laughter, more mud, and much happiness!

bucket list red clay mud bathI didn’t know it at the time, but this was EXACTLY what I needed. A full body, mind, and soul refresh. If there’s a button for that, this is it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed. The moment my skin hit the mud, I may have been the happiest person on the planet. Well, along with all of the other mud bathers. It was THAT awesome. My friends and I had the giggliest of giggle session as we painted ourselves with the red clay mud and I couldn’t refrain from making sculptures. For the birthday girl, I gave her some Star Trek Worf-like eyebrows, a classy ‘stache, and a hat to top off her look. Jen gave herself a clown nose and fairy wings, and Michelle transformed into a unicorn. I went for a more devilish look. bucket list mud bath sculptureOn lookers and new mud bath visitors got a kick out of it and couldn’t stop laughing. I think we showed Club Mud how to party. It was so much fun and felt so great that we started and ended our day with a mud bath. We visited some mineral baths and pools in between, but the mud lured us back.

If the pure messy fun of it all hasn’t captivated your interest in trying this out yet, perhaps one of these really wonderful health benefits will:


  • Improve your complexion! Your skin will thank you immensely. Your skin will feel softer than the softest of all soft baby bums.
  • The minerals in the mud will soften your skin, draw out impurities, and exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • If you have psoriasis or rosacea, it has been known to help relieve symptoms. Before dipping in the mud, I would encourage you to speak with your dermatologist.


  • Relax and relieve that muscle tension. Mud baths can help alleviate arthritis pain, rheumatism, and other muscle stiffness.
  • Mud bath minerals possess anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Did I not mention enough just how extremely fun this is? Do it. As Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation said very well, “Treat yoself!“.

Wondering what to bring with you? Just pack a dark bathing suit as some clay can possibly affect the color of white or very light bathing suits. Spa’s usually provide towels and that’s all you really need!

listpiration glen ivyAre you convinced yet? I hope you’ve read this and are so excited to try it out that you are already looking up a spa with mud bath offerings near you! If you live in Southern California or plan to make a trip there soon, I highly recommend visiting the Glen Ivy Hot Springs spa in Corona, CA. They have a variety of relaxing, refreshing, and fun services. Treat your mind, body, and soul to some genuine rest, relaxation, and plenty of smile inducing, contentment boosting, mud.


  1. Glen Ivy Hot Springs is such a wonderful place to relax. It’s like a mini vacation without the hassle of airtravel for us living in Southern California. Great post! 🙂

  2. Very well written Akvile!!

    I had a great time in the mud bath and different mineral pools. I would HIGHLY RECCOMEND this adventure to anyone! In SoCal, you can do this year round (but on a sunny day).

    I’ve already told my mom, shaina, mallorie, and joy that we need to do this the next time they are in town.

    • Thank you, Jen! So glad we got to go do this together and I hope you can go again soon with your mom, sister, and other friends. Fun and relaxing to the max! 😀

  3. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. of course you do all fun things without your mother! ….
    (can’t blame you)

  5. I LOVE THIS BLOG POST! Hahaha…”Your skin will feel softer than the softest of all soft baby bums.” True and so hilarious! Thank you Akvile for the awesome Dirty Thirty wishes for the year, and for all of you girls for going! I had such a blast, the company really makes he trip and I was so happy you all took pleasure in doing absolutely NOTHING the whole day, haha!

    For anyone who hasn’t been before, I love recommending this place, it’s quite a diamond in the rough! There are a few Glen Ivy Spas sprinkled around Southern Ca, but this is the ONLY one to offer a cheap-ish alternative to the generic day spa experience! Come here by yourself with a good book and lounge and bake all day in the sun like a lizard, or bring some friends for a silly but lovely time! I do recommend bringing a robe from home in the winter, as the pools are solar heated and the air can get a bit brisk, even here in Sunny California!

    Great to share this experience with everyone, I love when my favorite things become other peoples favorite things! Mwah and Cheers!


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